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Izeris technologies : programming or passion ?

The Informatic, with its many branches (artificial intelligence, 3D modeling, simulation), no doubt, bring scientific instruments essential to our evolution. The best known of the first applications of computers were associated with mathematics and computing. Today, all areas, regardless the kind, are affected by this current Informatic. It's clear that this diversity becomes an exhaustive challenge for any company involved in Information Technologies and in Izeris Technologies we gladly accept the challenge due to the rapid diversification of technology has made it necessary to regulate, but also the need of frequent replacement of our technical development. Thus, information technology, especially programming, becomes our creative work available for our common satisfactions.

Izeris Stat 1.0 is available!

After several months of testing, the first version of Izeris Stat 1.0 is finally available in stable version. This module provides a comprehensive view and instant traffic to your website (number of visits for day, month and year), the most visited pages allowing you to help with positioning and the reference of your pages and finally, the geolocation of your customers.

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