Softwares Development.

The softwares application in the economical-bussines activities has penetrated practically in all areas. The computation technology offer no doubt real competitive advantage.

The informatic, and more specifically the software, has been created and used for help the companies to be more flexible and efficient in their work methods. If we do reference to the big dictionary of terms, the software its a group of functions from the computer used to help the user to do several Works. Therefore, if the use of the software are not essential, those are necessary for each company do optimization of the time with the goal of be completely focus on the primary activity.
Our development methods named "agil methods" that allow the development acceleration through the application of the appropriate software. We start by the development of a minimal version that integrate the functionality through interactive process based in the observation and performance analysis during the development cycle.
Our methodology could be defined in the next way: after the analysis and delimitation of the problem, we propose an ideas scheme for the profitability of its future application. Then, you can realized the specifications and most the data base, we do estimation about the size and time allowed for the realization of the project, likely for purposes of certain phases. To define the mission scope for try to set the request and client wishes and users will continue been our target during the entire project.

For last, we concern for the software that we developed meets the criteria that for us have vital importance :
- Easily of use,
- reliability,
- sustainability.
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